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At the age of 5 I moved from Germany to the Algarve (Portugal) with my mum, her boyfriend and my 2 brothers, and I lived there until I had to move back to Germany to do my A-levels.

How it all started:

Well, that wasn’t my fault for a change 🙂 I guess I have to blame Heiko, Jonah and Julian for it, but only because I lived in Germany and not in Portugal at that point of time. During that time my little brother grew up, eager to do nothing but PARTY! It started with small parties, mainly financed by Heiko, which he soon became sick of 😉 And what started small, soon turned big.

In the Summer 03, after doing my civil service at the Red Cross, I went to Portugal for 3 months until I started studying. Gradually the parties became better organised, mostly in open air for more space, we swopped CDs for records and some very talented DJ’s, all former school friends and still best mates, on the decks with kickass tunes.

But the Summer was over in no time, and because of complaints about loud music we had to move the parties back indoors. My mother provided us with a room for the parties and Julian and I started rebuilding it to suit our plans. The pictures show the result but its still not quite how I want it, but we’ll work on it, and there will surely be a Summer 05 🙂

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