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Hello, I am Billy Bullman – One Man Band, live singer, entertainer, composer and song writer and I live in Portugal – Algarve.

I first played in a band at the tender age of ten, in what was then known as ‘The Blarney Street Flageolet’ band, better known as the ‘Tin Whistle’.

This was my introduction to Music thanks to a Christian known as Brother Quinn and to whom I am eternal grateful. Because I was playing the Tin Whistle every spare minute it kept me of the street’s at night; I was a happy boy in 1956!

In the same year the ‘All Ireland Tin Whistle Champions Ships’ were held in Clonmel Tipperary. I came 3rd. the people said I was ‘robbed’ and I should have come 2nd.

The way the contest was held was quite unique:

In the middle of a field in a tent, and there were three judges whom no one seen, we did not se them and likewise they did not see us. However they did hear us. Each contestant was given a number, mine was sixteen, then a fellow with a megaphone announced: Number sixteen please approach the tent and stand on the matt, which was on the grass outside the entrance of the closed tent. Then this fellow said: Number sixteen is present and ready. A voice from inside the tent said: Number sixteen please play a Jig (which I did); please play a Reel (which I did); and to finish: Would you please play a hornpipe (which I did too). After I finished the voice from inside the tent said: Very good, you may return to your place.

There were three medal’s that day for first, second and third place. The boy who came first deserved it. The boy who came second hit a few bum notes. I came third and I was told it was I who should have become second! I was very upset that day 😉

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